Question on First Steps/See See Rider "Looking at the Parts"

This lesson explains how to change the hairpin to “gradual style” crescendo text. However I noticed that (my error?) Trombone and Banjo do not have the Hairpin/Cresc (bar 15/16) that appears in the tutorial. Could you please review the easiest and most accurate method to duplicate the cresc in clarinet and cornet in bar 15/16 so they appear in Trombone and Banjo?

Also in this lesson, it taught how to hide the “flow headings” so that “See See Rider” does not appear twice. Nomenclature question: Could you review the terminology of what the remaining (visible) heading is called (after I have hidden the “flow heading”) ? Project attached.
First Steps Blues Song - Ma Rainey See See Rider - start point project.dorico (1.3 MB)

What have you tried so far?

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You can also select one of the existing hairpins, then Alt/Opt-click at the start of the bar for the Trombone and Banjo to copy it there.

That will be the project title, shown using a token that exists on the First page template by default.

In the First Steps guide, this is explained here:

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