Question on Junkie XL's templates - Mock Up

Hello everybody ! :slight_smile:

I’m aware of two methods for building a template; the one that uses one kontakt instance per instrument track or the on that uses one kontakt instance with multiple MIDI outputs.

As I watched Junkie XL’s presentation of his templates I couldn’t tell how he does it ?

Indeed, It seems that he uses multiple MIDI outputs but on the top of his folders I can’t see the kontakt instances that they relate to ? is it another approach or ? (maybe he is just hiding them to save space but I don’t think that would be that useful still ? :slight_smile:)

Thx a lot ! ♪

Yup, the instrument tracks are most likely hidden.

Watch all his studio videos. He uses VEP(Vienna ensemble pro) with few server machines(he cover that in video about his gear room)
I think I read somewhere that performance wise it’s better to have each kontak instance per instrument if you are on single machine (but don’t hold me on that)

If you use one instrument per Track then Cubase can manage the load and distribute them across all your computer’s CPU cores.

If you put multiple instruments on one Track then all of them will use the same core. This opens the possibility that you can max out that one core while all the other cores are mostly idle.