Question on MBIT+ Dithering


Based upon PG’s suggestion - I have several Batch Convertors that take high res FLAC files and downsample to various lower bit depths. Within the plugin chain - I have the following plugs in this order

Crystal Resampler
Peak Master
IzoTope MBIT+

However within the new MBIT+ plugin - I see a “Minimize Peaks” option - which I currently do not have checked. Does this option do the same thing (or possibly better?) than the Peak Master plugin? And if I turn it on - should I ditch the Peak Master plug from the chain?

Seems like we would have two plugs working to minimize peaks - when one would do fine - I would think.

Appreciate any tips on making these conversions as accurate as possible.



No, the MBit+ plugin does not act as a common limiter. I think the option means, “don’t add a dither bit that would cause clipping” (but in that case, this is about “miniature” clipping, 1 bit). I think you won’t hear any difference whether the option is on or off. This is more a “theorical option”.


Thanks! Will leave that off and leave the Peak Master in place.



The new Steinberg Brickwall limiter is also a good option, instead of the Peak Master.