Question on midi and vari-audio editing

Is it possible to see the midi notes overlaid on the vari-audio screen?

I’m comparing the recorded vocal to the midi guide track

Not really. You could open both editors in different Windows & size them so they are both the same width one on the top half of your screen and the other on the bottom.

You could also do similar in the Lower Zone. But you could only see one editor at a time by switching tabs.

If you were interested in timing issues you could disable snap, put the cursor at the start of the midi note of concern. Then you could see where the associated audio is in relation to the cursor.

Another option would be to render your guide track to audio. Then open both Audio Parts in the editor. While this will let you see the Vari-Audio for both parts superimposed on each other, it could also be confusing if the 2 parts overlap a lot (which I assume you hope they do). If you raised (or lowered) the guide track by an octave before rendering then it would be easier to distinguish between the parts.

Is there any mileage in extracting the audio track to a midi track and then using this as a groove for your midi guide track?