Question on Stem Mastering - Will Gullfoss Process Stems Correctly?

Hi guys,

I am running a final mastering chain of

1-Ozone: Multiband EQ and EQ
and then
3)Ozone - Maximiser & Limiter.

One thing I can’t get my head around.

Gullfoss is calculating as per what runs through it, right?

If I have exported separate sections of my compositions (Drums, Strings, Brass etc,)
will Gullfoss then having run these sections separately to export as individual final mastered stems, will it not calculate the frequencies wrong, as not the full track will run through it?

It will calculate the separate sections, but I think this calculation will not be the same as it calculating the full track.

Is there any way I can remedy this?


yeap, looked around, not really doable…maybe in the near future…