Question on Syncopation beaming

Hi, I switched to Dorico after 22 years of Finale. Question: In Notation options - Syncopation, I can either get results in the left OR right columns (see pic). How can I achieve the 2 “yes” looks? This is the same piece of music in 4/4. If this is not possible through global notation options, how can I manually change it? I tried to split the beams in the bar with the 16th notes, and it goes back to the default look as soon as I add the tie. Thanks for your help

I think in this case you have to pick one setting and lock the duration of the other rhythm manually.

One way to speed this up a bit: Set it for Option B, go through and lock the quarter notes (already displayed as such, so you don’t have to fiddle with them), then go back to Option A.

Thank you. How do I lock the quarter note so it appears to be the correct syncopation look?

To lock durations, select one or more notes and press O, or click the button on the left that looks like a clamp. The highlight of this button shows you the locked status of selected notes.

In the case where you have, e.g. two tied eighth notes, you may have to shorten the duration so you see one note, lock that and then reset to the correct duration.

Got it. Thanks!