Question on the Grid in Piano Roll

Hello everyone !

I have a small issue, that I’m sure is pretty obvious for people that are really familiar with Cubase :slight_smile:

Infact, it’s about the grid in the Piano Roll, as you can see in the small video I attached to this topic, when I’m trying to shorten the note I select, it won’t get smaller, and align with the grid. I’m not quite sure why !

Video Link : Question on the Grid in Piano Roll - YouTube

Thx in advance for your feedback ! :slight_smile:


Could you show the Length Quantize in the Key Editor, please? Isn’t the Length Quantize independent on the main Quantize settings? Isn’t it set to a fix value, bigger than the Quantize Grid?

Thx Martin ! I’m not quite sure where it is, so I just show you about everything !


Right-click to the toolbar of the Key Editor, or click to Setup Toolbar of the Key Editor. Enable the Length Quantize option here. What is the settings of the Length Quantize in the toolbar then, please?

It’s set to 1/16 :slight_smile: I had to enable it


Wouldn’t it make sense for you to enable the default settings: Quantize Link? Then it’s always linked with the Quantize Grid settings.

Thanks for your help Martin ! Definitly going to do that :slight_smile:

And where can I enable this feature ? :slight_smile: Thx !


In the Length Quantize popup menu.