Question on track monitor/ record please

Using Cubase 13 Pro in Windows.
Today my midi keyboard stopped working with Cubase. I discovered that now to hear an instrument track, I have to activate Record or Monitor on that track. I never had to do this before and it’s a pain. How do I set it so that I can simply select a track and then play the instrument?
I’m sure that i haven’t changed any setting (unless I managed some accidental key command).
I don’t know if it’s connected, but about the same time, the Record has started messing around - specifically it keeps turning itself on at the start of the locators. I know that this is something to do with punch-in, but I don’t use this and haven’t activated it to my knowledge
Any ideas?
Many thanks, Rick G

I’m afraid Cubase works already a long time in the way that you either need to monitor a track or have it armed for recording.
So it is more likely that you never noticed this before and that you switch a setting that now makes you aware of it.

There are these two options in Preferences → Editing → Project & MixConsole

Thanks. I must have unchecked those options somehow by accident. It took me ages to work out why the keyboard was no longer working. Weird setting too, as the virtual keyboards worked fine. Thanks again

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