question on using multiple devices

In addition to my main ASIO soundcard I also have a Lexicon Omega, is it possible in Cubase 5 to use the XLR inputs on the Omega but output through my regular ASIO soundcard? If not, is there any other way to add XLR input hardware that would work in conjunction with my main card?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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if you have the soundcards set up in your audio connections then on any audio inspector you can choose your input and output ie ; input from lexicon and output from any audio device registered in the connections



I must be missing something, if I goto Device Setup and under VST Audio System and choose my asio sound card and not the lexicon omega, when i then go into the VST Connections and then under Inputs and try to add some, only the inputs from the ASIO soundcard are showing up, and if I change the Device Setup to the Lexicon Omega and then go back to the VST Connections inputs then only the Lexicon Omega inputs show up. I cant get them both to show up, am I in the wrong menu(s)?

if you leave the asio driver set on your lexicon then go to your inspector for the audio channel you should be able to pick your audio ins and out’s from there and it should let you choose from either card ,so i understand , not tried with audio but it works with midi !

but if you go to you vst connections is it allowing you to set up a new bus with the other card ?

I believe he’s talking about using multiple ASIO drivers at the same time which as far as I know isn’t possible. There is however an ASIO Multiclient driver (Charlie put it out years ago) that uses 2 softwares for the same driver I/O.

Yes, this is true, you can’t normally use more than one ASIO device at once. But why would you wish to output from another device than your Omega? I also have an Omega and find it does everything I need by itself! :stuck_out_tongue: