Question on VST Live export from Cubase 12

Hi VL Team,
I was wondering about the VL export function from Cubase. When. I update VL, should I re-export all my songs? I’m not sure if the export code belongs to Cubase or VL - I’m assuming that the VL export in Cubase is a “plug-in” of some sort which would be updated when I update VL - to me this necessitates a re-export. If the code belongs to Cubase, then obviously, this process would not be necessary. Thanks in advance for the clarification.

Hi @ericwentz,

the “VST Live Component” for Cubase/Nuendo is part of VST Live. You don’t need to export your Cubase/Nuendo project again - if you have updated to a new VST Live version. We’ll let you know if you have to. But normally you don’t need that.

See you,

Thanks for the clarification. -e