Question Optimizing Windows for DAWs


I found this article regarding Optimizing Windows for DAWs

I only have 1 questions really. Does this still count for Cubase 9? I would like to direct your attention to the part that talks about disabling Hyper Threading and C-States to increase performance, does this still hold true?

I run a i7 5820k + 32GB RAM.

I have understood the Steinberg information about disabling hyper threading to apply to older versions of Cubase. I have always a kept hyperthreading on.

The BIOS settings about C-states and other power-saving or power-boosting options I have always complied with.

When I’ve periodically hunted round this forum to look at the most optimised settings for my machine, I have never been able to find a universally agreed position; different people seem to have different, and sometimes contradictory, experiences. I’ve tended to go with the suggestions that other people have made that the only way to approach this is to experiment with your own machine. As far as I can see, even Mac users with presumably a much more standardised selection of hardware combinations have different experiences. I’ve just got a MacBook Pro and I’m going to compare the cpu loading of Logic and Cubase on this machine, as well as Cubase on Macbopok vs. Cubase on 5820 PC.

Have you tried running Cubase with and without hyperthreading on your machine to compare performance?


You should definitely disable anything to do with Sleep States as that can make Cubase unstable if the computer goes to sleep on waking up.

What Steinberg said about Hyperthreading is:

Disable Hyper-Threading if your CPU supports it (e.g. Intel i7) and you use older sequencer versions than Cubase 7 and Nuendo 6 (details).

I have been using Hyperthreading with no issues. the above comments refer to older versions of Cubase. However some users with more than six cores have reported issues to do with Cubase’s handling of multiple cores.

Thanks for your response guys.

I have actually tried with both Hyper-threading on and off, and both conditions of C-States. I couldn’t personally tell a difference :confused:
The performance isn’t really a problem, I was just reading through some of the documentation, found the above article and wondered if this was a bit dated. But it’s good to see that it really is more a personal thing.

Have used stuff like LatencyMon ( to have a look at funny driver times. And managed to fix them, think that was me being a bit picky tho. My rig is good to go! But I get some hard faults from svchost.exe sometimes. The only performance thing I notice is when letting go of the keyboard peddle running a kontakt VST piano. You can hear at times an artifact as the VST performance meter spikes.

I can’t really complain, I was just wondering if there is anything else that I missing to maybe assist with the VST performance. Seems to be trial and error from the reading I’ve done.

I’m running pearl concert grand VST by impactsounds (in case anyone was interested).

Once again, Thank you for the reply.