Question or Suggestion about Dorico score-following capability

I’m not sure if this is a feature, a bug, or somewhere in between, but:

When I’m proof-reading a large score, I quite often need to flick between Engraving Mode and Writing Mode to make corrections - no issues there, when I switch between the two the caret, selected object or page I’m on remains constant.

Less often, I need to pop back to Setup Mode to change a flow title or whatever, or Play Mode, or swap between Page View and Galley View in Write Mode. Under these circumstances, it doesn’t stay on the same bar/page/flow but instead goes back to wherever it was when you were last in that mode.

Is that a specific feature that has benefits I haven’t realised? Is it a bug? Could it be fixed without rewriting the whole software? Would people want it to be “fixed” if it could be?

In general you should find that switching to Setup mode doesn’t move the score in the view at all. If it is moving for you, I wonder whether it’s because you’re using one of the “fit…” zoom levels (like fit page width, fit page height, etc.)? If so, Dorico will reposition the view according to the size of the viewport when you do this, and that can result in it ending up showing a different page.

If this describes the situation, try increasing the zoom level by a tiny amount, e.g. 1%, in the custom zoom dialog (shortcut Alt+Z).