Should Snap Affect Both Position And Note Length?

  • Yes, I like it as it is because…
  • No. They are different things and should be separate functions.
  • Sometimes. Because…

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My first poll ever. I’m so excited. :smiley:

So when MIDI Snap is ‘on’ it not only affects the start position of the note, but also the -length-. IOW: you turn it on to snap notes to the grid, but this also forces the length to snap to the grid point to the right.

Does anyone enjoy this behaviour… and if so, why?

I ask because I am -constantly- turning it on/off. The two things (start pos, length) don’t seem to have anything to do with one another… Maybe it’s a leftover from the 80’s (seriously) when music was more mechanical. :smiley:

Eh, I’d argue that music was a lot less mechanical in the 80s than it is now, what with entire albums being produced by one person who can’t play any instruments live…

But anyways, I usually have length quantize set to ‘link’ and override it temporarily with ‘CTRL’ while working in the key editor. It’s pretty rare that I turn off snap unless I’m humanizing stuff and don’t want to use my logical editor presets for whatever reason, and it doesn’t bother me to drag out a new note to the length I need it. If I need a particularly long one that won’t fit in the screen, I’ll just copy and paste one I already made and transpose it.

There are a lot of things I despise about Snap, the OP’s observation being the first.