Question/Problem about Midi modulation

Hey there. I’ll try to explain this as best I can)

I have 2 instances of the same VST Instrument, in slot 1 and 2.
I have 8 midi tracks going to instrument 1, each one using a different channel (1 to 8)
then i have 8 more midi tracks going to instrument 2, also setup to use channels 1 to 8.

then i put some midi notes in tracks 1 and 9 (both to separate instrument plugins), on channel 1, the notes on track 1 come out of instrument 1, and the notes on track 9 come out of instrument 2. (as to be expected) now i want to add some experssion to track 1. so i put modulation (which on the VST controls volume), to make a crescendo, starting from silent to full volume. the problem is the notes on track 2 also follow this crescendo. I thought that each seperate track would have its own lane. but its affecting everything on channel 1. I tried giving the 2nd track its own modulation as well but they just seem to fight, and no matter which track, each new event midi modulation event will be applied to both tracks.

the same thing happens on channel 2 with tracks 2 and 10

Should this happen, is there a way around it? my instrument plugin needs to use channel 1 to 8, and i need more instances of it.

help would be much appreciated,


Use the Input Transformer to filter the unwanted data.

thanks for the reply. I had a look into it and the help doesn’t seem to tell me how to set it up in the way I want.

i can filter out the input from my midi keyboard, but I’m writing notes into the piano roll. and doing modulation in the lane, and cant seem to filter out the unwanted input

Heres a better explanation.

Track 1 (Channel 1) —> Instrument 1
Track 9 (Channel 1) —> Instrument 2

any notes on track 1 go to instrument 1 and any on track 9 go to instrument 2.
but modulation on track 1 affects both instruments, and any modulation on track 9 also affects both instruments.

how can i filter track 9 so it only allows modulation from track 9 and anything occurring on track 1 will not affect it.

I’ll fiddle about with it some more in the meantime. Thanks for the help!