question re activation, e-licenses & email addresses.

I hope someone can help. I want to know if I’m able to do the following;

I get someone to purchase some software from the US (although just as a download), paying in US$s. They then essentially instead of installing the software (basically a gift from them to me!), allow me to install it on my system and use the activation code provided.
Now, they would have had to set up an account with an email etc. in order to purchase the software, which would be different to mine, so my question is; if I were to try and activate the software via my USB dongle/E-licenser does the fact that my account uses one email address/account, but the purchase was by another email address/account make any difference?

I tried to explain as best I could!

Thanks in advance.


Refer to the Steinberg resale wizard for what is required to sell (or receive) your software. I attached a link to it. Go through the questions and it explains what to do. Nice and easy. Good luck. :slight_smile:

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Thanks prock, I’ll check it out.

As long as you have the eLicenser and the software has not been activated, it doesn’t matter who actually bought it, as it is virgin until activated during your installation. The resale wizard is not required, as there is no ‘official’ owner until it has been activated.

The name on the invoice is just nominal for their accounting purposes, and nothing to do with licence activation.

All true… but by answering the questions in the Steinberg resale wizard, that is the answer it would have provided. Again, the resale wizard is easy to use and provides answers to questions like the OP had and other questions related to selling Steinberg software.

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Thanks Patanjali & prock, I just wen ahead on got someone to buy the software, installed with the license and everything was fine, so thanks for taking the time to dive in with the suggestions.

I’m new to the forum so please gentle.

My school has purchased 15 Cubase Elements 7 for installation on our network. This has all been done. Problem arises when a hard drives fail or motherboard gets damaged and PC needs to be rebuilt. because we cant access the software to deactivate license we cant reinstall software on same machine.

Please advise as now 4 machine do not have software on.

Many thanks in advance


Check this link (look for “How can I request a new activation code resp. what is the procedure for a reactivation?”):

You can ask for support too (inside your “My Steinberg” account).