QUESTION re. App Window Sizing Behavior

The good news: I got a 43" 4K television to replace my 3 old SVGA monitors. LIFE CHANGER!

The bad news: For the first time, I’m confronted with the weird behaviour of the Project Window. It seems like if you have the window maximised you see a thin header bar. If you -don’t- have it maximised, you get a black background as if the Project lives -inside- the app, but you still get that thin top bar. And in either case, the thin header bar is magnetically locked to the top of the monitor.

IOW: Whether I have the app window maximised or not, I can’t get the thin header off the top of the screen. This is very different from previous versions of Cubase. And it SUCKS when you have a giant sized monitor.

Is there a way to make the non-maximised app window behave like in previous versions so I can get that header down?



Good news on the screen.

I hate to ask this, but could you post a screen shot of this? Off the top, I don’t think there’s any way to remove that top line. There’s that setting for “transparent” or whatever its called that lets you see and use applications on the desktop.

I fear we may be looking at another “annual request” item? :frowning: Not sure.

I’m still on Windows 7 Pro, and keep the Windows task bar at the top and set to hide itself when not in use. Perhaps there’s a Win 10 setting or even a screen setting that will make this work better.

Anyway, enjoy the new real estate. If I find anything actually helpful on this, I’ll post.

This is what it looks like… for all the good it’ll do. Basically, the app window does NOT behave like a normal Windows app window… ie. you can’t re-size it or move it. It’s magnetically locked to the top of the screen.


The screen looks great, but, this band is stumped. :frowning: I’m still on Windows 7.0 Pro so, if this is a Win 10 settings issue, a monitor settings issue or a video card/drivers issue, then we’ll have to hope someone else is able explain what to do here.

In Cubase Pro 10 there’s the Windows Menu and there’s a setting for “Hide Cubase Pro Desktop” and a few other things that might (total guess on my part) help sort this out.

Good luck. I see what you’re talking about. Someone’s gotta know what to do here.

The black bar above the project and below the Project Tool Bar is the Info Line. It is optional. You can toggle it on or off in the Window Setup Layout icon to the upper right just past the zone control. If that is what you are asking about.

The black bar above the project and below the Project Tool Bar is the Info Line. It is optional. You can toggle it on or off in the Window Setup Layout icon to the upper right just past the zone control. If that is what you are asking about. If you are asking about the Program Title bar at the very top where you can open a project from the first menu. That can not be done away with.

I’m not talking about the Info Line. I’m talking about the App Window bar (white) at the very top of the screen. It is magnetically stuck to the top of the monitor.

That to my understanding is not movable or changeable.

Double click the top bar, if you don’t want to see the desktop, sorry everything looks perfectly normal to me.
Well as normal as Cubase can look, using non standard Windows ehhh windows.

But can you actually re-size or re-position that top bar? I never noticed this before because I had standard 23" monitors and it never occurred to me to even -try- to re-size or re-position the top bar. (I -always- left it maximised).

So that’s my question for -anyone-: Can you re-size or re-position that top bar?

I don’t think so. You and I are running on a Windows OS. If you look at an OS X OS it handles the title bar in a similar way for all programs. I think Steinberg is trying to have it look alike. Perhaps. Actually, that title bar is Cubase. What we see in a loaded project are just windows. You can have a background with that title bar. Most prefer it with no background.

If you go into Window you can show Cubase desktop or not.That is the background if you show it.

It was really annoying when that mac-like menu popped up (cubase 7? 8? 9?), but I have gotten used to it.
The only real difference between that and the old style is that the menu would stick to the project window also when that wasn’t maximized, and follow sizing, but instead now it is on top of the whole screen always, except when you work in another program and have cubase in the background.
To everyone used to windows this initially looks weird, and maybe there could be a choice to latch the bar to the project window?

You have to have a huge monitor to understand how ANNOYING this is. And because it’s soooooooooooooo UN-Windows, it never even occurred to me that a company would do such a thing. Because I use that main menu all the time and it’s ridiculously far away from the rest of the windows. Total ergonomic fail.

You would not like macOS. :stuck_out_tongue:

Perhaps use an old 23" just for that then :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree though, with really big screens the ability to change the placement of that menu bar, or have it snap to the project window, does make a lot of sense.

The long grey header bar running across the top of the screen with the drop down menu is is quite normal, it is the actual Cubase app as you say.

it was introduced in some years ago in order to facilitate Windows aero features, allowing plugins to always be in top, scalable project Windows and better user defined workspaces.

Suprised you’ve never notices it before! There is an issue with it though, when using scaled down wnodows its expected size and the menu items are quite legible, though when the project window is maximised it does get a bit thinner, being pushed so the menu items seem to be cropped at the top which means that the physical screen buttons need to used to nudge the whole thing down to see clearly but don’t bother with that anymore.

The really annoying thing is that when you save and close a project, you then have to close tha app as well!

File -> Quit (Ctrl+Q) should take care of that.

This works in conjunction with the stripped off right click commands. The benefits are obvious. :wink: