Question re: film scoring

Hey all,

I’m looking to delve into the world of film scoring. I’ve done a lot of scoring and orchestration in VARIOUS different mediums and styles in the past, but film scoring has always been a dream of mine - but I don’t have any “work” in this field so to speak. I’m looking for an opportunity to practice.

I’m either looking for a place where I can find video to score to (preferably public domain, so I can feel comfortable sharing in my portfolio) OR to find something like a film scoring competition to enter. I’ve done some searching for competitions, but I haven’t found one that actually provides a video AND is still open.

Any suggestions?

Sound set companies sometimes sponsor such competitions.
Ryan Leach on YouTube often has competitions scoring a short piece based on a still image.

I can send you a video of me using Sibelius? I grant you the rights to my face.

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This is all you need !

Good luck

Might I also suggest that, when you are ready, working with student film directors is a great way to get experience. If there is a college or university or professional film studies program near you, there will be lots of budding directors eager to work with a competent composer. Even if there isn’t a film program near you, there are probably still some student or documentary film makers in your community who it would be worthwhile to get to know.

Ultimately, in order to progress in the film and media worlds, one needs to develop relationships with the real people making the art. It’s a people business. Just think of all of the directors who started working with a composer early on, and then pretty much stuck with that composer; the Coen Brothers relationship with Carter Burwell is a great example.

Good luck!