Question re fixing drum timing with slices/warps

Hi All:

I have some drum tracks with some timing issues but only in certain sections of the song. Most of it sounds great.

The kit is split across four mono audio files. Two for the overhead (L and R), and two for the rest of the kit (also L and R). So I need to be able to move beats in all 4 tracks at once or end up with timing and phasing issues.

I’m a newbie when it comes to hitpoints/slices/warp tabs. So I’d very much appreciate feedback and suggestions re the following:

  • Am I correct that the adjustments I want to make begin by creating hitpoints and slices for each track and then using them to create warp tabs? (Then, I move the warp tabs as needed?)

Can I create slices/tabs only for the beats in the sections I want to edit or must I do it for the whole track?

If I have to go through the process of slicing four times (one for each track) I’m sure to end up with slice (and eventually warp tab) mismatches. Is there any way to avoid this? Is there a way to slice multiple tracks at the same time?

Any other suggestions on the most efficient way to do this? Any “gotchas” to avoid?

I recently had the same problem you are facing with multi track drum editing. For various reasons I never got around to try it, but I found this article:

From what I understand the multi track editing process has been greatly improved in Cubase 6.

Cut, and Slide is the way.

Select all drum tracks, turn snap to zero off and manually cut before each beat (kik and Snr) over the mistimed section/s, slightly before the hits. Then again selecting across all the drum tracks (of the first slice) slide the selection into time by holding Ctrl, Alt and right mouse, you can then slide the audio within the container part/s keeping phase alignment. Any audio that gets slid over from the next slice can usually be delt with by moving the slice point. Repeat across all cuts. When done select all parts and crossfade by pressing the X key. You may need to adjust the crossfade size to a small figure, you basically want the smallest crossfade that stops any clicks. Job done.