Question re. licensing

Can someone please answer this possibly naive, even stupid, question:

I have Cubase installed on a desktop computer, which requires my e-license usb dongle to be plugged in, for Cubase to function (at least, I believe it does - haven’t so far tried it without).

I intend to also install Cubase on a laptop (awaiting delivery), and my understanding is that I will be able to use Cubase either on the desktop 'puter or the laptop, depending on which machine the dongle is plugged into.

But I also have non-Steinberg instruments which can either run stand-alone, or as VST plugins within Cubase, which I’d also like to use on either the desktop or laptop computer.

I’m wondering how this usually (typically?) works; might the instrument not work on both computers as a stand-alone app, yet work fine as a plugin within Cubase on both machines?

Or am I expected to buy two licences for each (some?) instrument(s) I wish to use in both locations (albeit not simultaneously).

Of course, I’ll try this out when the laptop is delivered; I’m just curious to know in the meantime.


Well, you´ll have to check the single EULAs and copy protection schemes of the single plugins of the single 3rd party manufacturers

Like thinkingcap said, it depends.

I have Garritan personal orchestra; that license allows four installations per license, so I could have four computers running GPO simultaeneously.

Cubase itself neither interferes nor aids with 3rd party licenses. That is the job of the elicenser application.