Question re SRC in master section

Hi - this is really just out of curiosity, and of no urgency: If I have a 96k montage open, and there’s a 96k resampler active in the master section, is the resampler actually doing anything or does it know that no resample is necessary and just passes audio through bit-for-bit?

Reason I ask is I often have both 96k and 44.1k montages open at the same time and am flipping between them and don’t want the interface changing sample rate away from 96k, but I wonder if I’m listening through another SRC or not when the montage is already at 96k.

I could imagine it operating either way - It’s not a big deal, and I suppose if I was really motivated I could test myself, but I thought someone might know the answer offhand.

Many thanks!


I think it depends on settings in File/Preferences/Global/Audio with
32 bit or 64 bit float but other than that if resampler is doing
resample if not needed !?
Check with render and with bit meter perhaps, analyse audio file(s)…
PG ?

regards S-EH

In that case, the resampler is automatically bypassed, hence you get bit-for-bit as you say.

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Perfect! Great to know.