Question re upmixing

Here is a new one for me.
Let me explain;
So far I was asked for stereo, 5.1 or stems only deliveries.
Or…a combination of them.

Now I have a request to go back to some three year old stereo mixed projects and upmix to 5.1.
I am pumping it through Anymix but don’t really like what I hear. Some works better, but the rest is downright funky sounding when folded back .
Tried a few different iosono presets…doesn’t sound as good as the original stereo mix.

I am asking for advice and help on how to tweak this thing ??
I would be forever thankful

There are a bunch of different upmixers? From the Hardware of the Lex960 & TC6000 to different plugins.
Having them pretty much all, they all have their use and all sound different.
For years, upmixing was discussed as a matter of taste and preference.

For our deliveries, we made sure that stereo audio was not upmixed/downmixed again for stereo deliveries, which resulted in complex routings.

Only a short time ago, this discussion has been turned around completely, and now it focusses on the fact that the downmix of the upmix should be as close to the original stereo file as possibly can.

AFAIK, there is only one plugin, that has a one specific setting, that can deliver a perfect downmix.
That’s the Nugen Halo Upmix.


Thanx Fredo,

Yes I am aware of the types of hardware and plugin varieties.
This was the first and hopefully the only time I was ask to do this.
Normally I mix in the native configuration.

Is anymix pro actually capable to deliver acceptable output ?
Or it is what it is…

I think Anymix is not so bad.
Depending on the material, all upmixers have their pro’s and con’s.
Until last year, I exclusively used Anymix. It’s on par with the Lexicon & TC upmix tools.
They all “do something” to the material, not getting around that.


This is the thing that puzzles me ;
I have re opened the original stereo mix session from 3 years ago.
Left all clip gains/automaton/plugins intact, just rebuilt my output buses.
Three stereo group masters ( DX, BG, MX ) tracks into their group outs.
These groups than assigned to a 5.1 master output bus and mixed from there.
I have chosen neutral anymix presets for each group out, than tweaked them individually to taste.
Now…I’m not sure that these custom tweaks have in fact overridden the presets, but soloing my DX group showed LFE activity on the 5.1 output !!
Even though I have disabled LFE send in it’s advanced tab.
And it sounded a bit “puffy”
:confused: :confused: :confused:

However, after re importing the 5.1 render into a new stereo session, the fold down (Mix Convert 6) sounded pretty good actually. :astonished: :astonished:

I’ll take more time to experiment, once the next situation comes up.
Thanx again Fredo for keeping the conversation going…