question re: your mixer coloring scheme for "mute" and "solo" buttons and also re: muting "Video" track audio

Was just noticing that when I solo a single track as in this example:

the “solo” button is actually red, and the “mutes” are yellow. Does anyone else find this counter-intuitive? (since “red” to me means “stop” or “off”). Obviously not a huge deal but just thought I’d ask.


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robjohn is right: this is in fact the opposite color scheme from a typical DAW (Logic, ProTools, Studio One, etc).

Solo should be yellow, and Mute should be red. It’s throwing me off.

This is consistent for how it’s been in Cubase for about 25 years:

It might have something to do with the “primary color” nature of the Dorico colors (vs. the Cubase example). Needless to say, you have much greater things to worry about but thought I’d just point it out (a bright red definitely feels like “stop!” in the Dorico context to me :slight_smile:)…

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FWIW, Sonar also uses yellow for mute:

Ok - perhaps this is just in the “I need to get used to it” category, then :slight_smile:.

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Yep. Presumably the mixing console that the original Cubase mixer was inspired by all those years ago used those colours.

Well, perhaps in a DAW in which various other less important and downright esoteric things can be customized, Cubase could give us the option of reversing the button colors so Mute = Red and Solo = Yellow? All of my control surfaces have been oriented this way and it’s silly Cubase won’t allow you to change it.

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If you’d like to make a feature request for Cubase, it’ll get more visibility in the Cubase forum. This is the Dorico forum.

Whoops, thanks! Will do just that.