Question: Refresh Clips in Montage if source file change?

It is often the case that I will have both Cubase and WL open at the same time.

I have a montage open with several WAV clips.

I switch to Cubase and Export Audio a new version of one of those clips… again, while the montage is open.

Is there a way to ‘refresh’ the montage so that the version of the clip in the montage ‘updates’ to the new version? Currently I close WL and re-open the montage to get the ‘fresh’ version. I’m hoping there’s a way to not have to close the montage to refresh.

Can do?

It is not possible to overwrite an audio file already opened in WaveLab. Then what are you exactly doing?

Hi PG,


I do it all the time in Cubase 11.

I’ve seen a file lock error when I’ve tried to Export a file that is already open (the error in Cubase is “unexpected error”). But I have never seen that with a Montage open in WL.