Question regarding attached videos

A simple question: are attached videos also saved in the project file?

I got “Your topic is similar to…” but clicking on the topic doesn’t open it.

I think not.

Correct … From the User Guide:

But this means that if I send someone a Dorico project and the video, they have to reattach the video and all the timemarker settings are lost?

If you send them the video along with your Dorico project, when they open the project, Dorico will look for the video in the location where it was present on your system, and if it doesn’t find it there, I believe it will look in the same folder as the Dorico project itself, and automatically re-attach it. Even if the video doesn’t get re-attached automatically, all of the timecode, marker etc. settings will remain intact.

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So all settings I made for the video (start offset etc.) will be retained? Then I would be happy!

Just tried this on my windows machine and it works. Thank you, Daniel.