Question regarding audio interface driver detection

Hi PG!

I have just moved from a PCIe based audio interface to an USB/Thunderbolt audio setup and have a question regarding detection of driver.

With the PCIe based setup I assume WL always had access to the driver as soon as the PC was on, but in the USB/TB case I assume that the driver is available for WL first after turning on the Audio interface (in my case Motu). It looks like that anyway.

  • So currently I can initiate WL and start to work on plugins, settings etc. and it seems that the driver detection is done first after starting Playback!?
  • And if my interface is not turned on you revert to using Generic ASIO driver automatically, is this correct?
  • Is this standard procedure or are there any USB/TB based audio interfaces you know of that have the audio drivers available even though not turned on?
    Like a “proxy driver” or something?

From a user perspective I think this its’ quite good that I can start WL and begin to work even though I may not even start playback ever, or for some time. In Cubase the detection is done during applications initiation phase and I have to wait for drivers to be detected.
So I prefer the WL way.

But I wish there was some kind of warning/notification along the way, e.g. when starting Playback, saying that the predesignated audio device is not available, so I can turn it on.
So this could maybe be a feature for later release(s)!?


Right. Because sometimes users want to load WaveLab for some stuff that don’t need playback, and this is faster not to initialize the audio device.

If the last used device is not found, then WaveLab falls back on another device. The Generic ASIO driver is always present.

If the USB device is not connected, the driver is not loaded. I think this is standard.

That’s an idea indeed. I note it.