Question regarding Chord pads

Hello everyone,

Just started to play a bit around with the chord pads in cubase 8.5 and I’m wondering how to get certain settings right with it.

I’m creating my Dmin like this;

When I select the chord (all blocks) and then press “Add to chord track” , it creates a chord track with Dmin above my instrument track, but when I click on it, it sounds different. Lower octave & less notes, so I dragged the Dmin block to a new instrument track and it looks like this in the piano roll;

I’m have little musical theory and do all by ear, so I download sometimes midi files to see how people do certain chords to understand more, but as written above, cubase doesn’t exactly put down the chords as they should be. When I’'m stuck with a chord progression, cubase chord pads is not really helping me because of above.

Also I go from Dmin in this case to Bbsus2, but when I have for example the Dmin in bar 1 and put an X in the bar 2, cubase comes up with a few chords that fits with Dmin, but there’s no Bbsus2 between them. Why is that?

Anyway, are there some settings that are not set right within cubase chord pads?


There is pretty complex Voicing settings.