Question regarding Midi Channel switchig with Expression Maps and VEPro


I have a template in which many of my tracks are using expression maps to change midi channel in order to access different patches within a single kontakt instrument. Vienna Ensemble Pro offers a feature whereby you can automate enabling/disabling of an VST plugin (Kontakt in my case) with a midi CC message on a specific midi channel. I want to set up my lemur touchscreen interface so that when I select a midi track in cubase I can press a button in Lemur and this triggers enabling/disabling of the instrument in Vienna Ensemble Pro. However with instruments that have midi channel switching wouldn’t this lemur CC message also be switched to different channels? How can I ensure that this midi CC message is always sent on the same channel whilst all other data is being correctly switched between different channels? Additionally how do I ensure that this CC message is not recorded? Would a Midi SEND work or is that also affected by the expression map channel switching?