Question regarding Plugin instantiation on Multichanneltrack

Hey, so if I recall correctly from working in Pro Tools -> if you have for example a 7.0 bus and a “Mono” Plugin - you can insert the Plugin on the Bus and have it automatically load one instance per channel that is controlled via a single UI.

Is there any equivalent of doing this in Nuendo? I looked in the routing window of the plugin, but could not find any option to do this there.

If you insert a plugin on a surround bus, Nuendo will automatically insert the multichannel version of the plugin that is controlled via a single plugin gui. All Steinberg stock plugs do surround afaik. Some 3rd parties don’t (Waves)

If you really must use plugins that are not multichannel compatible on a surround channel/bus you could link various mono channels that are routed or panned to the individual channels of a surround group and use the link plugin settings funtion of the mixer. However this makes limited sense if the plugs need to react to events that happen on the other (sub)channels. So yes it’s possible but basically it’s not the way it is generally handled in Nuendo.