Question regarding resources and halion


i have Halion 5, Halion Sonic and Halion SE on my cubase 8.
No i can use the halion single at an instrument track and load it may be 16x in cubase - 16 instrument tracks, only 1 slot is used from the halions.
The other possibility is, to use the halions multi timbral and add 1 instrument track and 15 midi tracks - 16 different outputs on the halion.

Do Cubase need the same resources at both cases?

Do the halions (halion 5, halion sonic, halion se) have a big different resources?

Easy to work may be to use always halion 5 an each instrument track in single modeā€¦but i want to work so resource saving as possible.

What working operation do you suggest?


Every single instance of any plug-in needs its resources. So if you need to safe them, use multi-timbral, please. There are differences in needed resources for these plug-ins.