question regarding VCA faders

Hey guys,

does anyone know much about the VCA faders which will be introduced sooner or later in Nuendo?

I have checked out the C8 video and wanted to know if nuendo’s VCA faders act like traditional hardware VCA’s.
Obviously there may be features which hardware consoles dont have and thats great, but there are a couple fundamental functions that I was wodnering about.

  1. If you have 10 channels that are routed to different outputs, can you still group these to one common VCA?

  2. Will the VCA also control the post fade send level of the selected channels? Traditional VCA’s alter the gain on the selected channels which also changes the gain on that channels post fade send.

That second one is important and is the main reason I use VCA’s on hardware consoles. Would enable me to group all seperate drum channels onto one VCA and have the post fade effects of those channels move up and down in volume relative to the dry signal. So the dry/wet ratio doesnt change, just the overall level of both by the same amount.


I think the answer is already “yes” to both questions (i.e. in Cubase) and I doubt it’d be different in N7.