Question related to audiowarp


I’m using audiowarp to fix some timing issues with a guitar I have recorded. I have looped a 30second segment over and over again in the timeline.

Now, when I am adjusting the timings with the audiowarp - Cubase is asking wheter I want to adjust only the clip I have highlighted, or do I want to affect every clip I have copied on the timeline. I chose to affect every repeated clip by selecting “continue” (instead of “new version”).

Now when I am adjusting the timing, Cubase is not asking anymore wheter I want to affect only one clip or all clips, as I also selected the “do not ask again” option on the window where you can select between “continue” and “new version”.

So my question is that how can I go back now to only affecting the clip I have highlighted, without changing the other clips??

Edit/Function/Convert to Real Copy.