Question: Render, Bounce, Export,,,

Hello Everyone,

Is there an option in Cubase where we can render, bounce or export a channel track with the insert plug in “baked” into the stem and bypassing the fader?
Not using the process option. The whole insert.

Freeze the channel and check the Include Inserts box

Freezing a track is a great option, but more and more I tend to use Render In Place. A little more flexibility IMHO. But they both work :).

Edit - although re-reading again (sorry, it’s been a long week and it’s just Monday…) this won’t bypass the fader. But it will render everything nicely!

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Not an option but a process:
Duplicate track,
delete any volume and panning automation on the new track,
Ctrl-click/Cmd-click the fader and panner to reset them to zero,

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Thanks Timo that’s what I was looking for.