Question Render export

I usually print a mix to a track when i do mixdowns of tv shows.
I usually also do stem mixdowns at the same time to seperate tracks.
So i end up with 1 to X tracks of the final mix and stems.
Since i also use PT11HD for my sessions i normally just do a “export clips to disk” and creat “actually files” to a selected folder for my clients. This takes just some seconds becuase PT just needs to write (copy) the already final wav filess from the media folder to a “new” location (maybe do a bit/samplerate convert as well).
In Nuendo7 it takes as long as an offline mixdown (say 5-10Minutes for a 45 minute show) for EACH TRACK (mix/stem). This is so wired… the mix is already done, there is NO PLUGIN on the “recorded track”, there is no need to do any processing to that track, just write a new file on a selected folder location…

Setting would be:

select with range tool all tracks (1 to X) & thier range (TC 10:00:00:00 up to PGM end e.g. 10:43:30:00)
render / export
As seperate events
Tailsize 0.0
Bit Resolution as the Project (24Bit almost 100%)
Name …
new location to render to

When hit >RENDER< … it will take a damn long time for something that should be done in a minute!
The “DRY” setting sill seems to run the whole track thru the audiosystem, which doesn’t seem to make ANY SENSE!

Can someone please explain how to use this whole function?

At the moment i just consolidate each file in the timeline/ name it/ and finally search it in the audio folder to copy it to a new location … ODD very ODD!

any idears/ help?


You have to be careful when you describe what function you’re using. There’s no “Render Export” when I search the manual. I find “Render In Place”, and judging from what you write that’s what you appear to be using, but it doesn’t seem to be what you want to be using. Am I getting it correct that:

  1. You create your mix.
  2. You record your mix onto dedicated tracks for full mix and stems.
  3. You then want to export those events to a dedicated folder.

I would say that what you’re looking at is not what you want, because it’s purpose is to get around routing and export/import needs when you just want to render an event with its processing back onto its own track (for example). So then it’ll run through the signal chain to get it done. Apparently even though you don’t have any inserts active.

Most of the time these days I just drag/drop (or copy/paste) from finder/explorer to where the files need to go, I don’t bother with exporting stuff. But what you could do I suppose is do a “Find In Pool” and then hit “copy”, move to desired folder and paste. I think that’ll do the trick.

But what you could do I suppose is do a “Find In Pool” and then hit “copy”, move to desired folder and paste. I think that’ll do the trick.

Thanks for that one. I never tried to copy from Pool to Finder. And it works. And yes I think thats a good way to do what basix is asking for.