Question/Request about note heads

Let’s say I was trying to notate a piece for a “Novelty” percussion ensemble.

In the piece, a particular player is playing on a music stand. To help make sense of the way the player is to play on the music stand, I have decided to use different note heads. During a particular section, the music stand only plays on whole notes. I’d like to have some of these note heads be hollow triangle note heads to indicate a specific “technique” (such as hitting the vertical metal bar that supports the music desk), and perhaps the closed triangle note head to represent another technique (such as hitting the feet of the stand). Since the entire section is in whole notes, I am going to make a note for the performer, that the triangle head (regardless of closed or open) is the value of a whole note.

As I try to assign a note head to the whole note, only the hollow triangle note head is available. Is there a way to force the closed triangle note head on a whole note? If not, could this be available for future versions?

Here is an example of where of the ‘half note’ head is used to represent a visual technique (a back stick) played in the middle of a grouping of 16th notes.


At the moment, there’s no way to use the notehead for a different duration of note other than the written one. We may make it possible in the future to override this somehow, but we will certainly make it possible for you to design your own notehead sets, so if you want “black” note values to use “white” noteheads, that will then become possible.

Oooh… that sounds pretty amazing! Can’t wait!