[Question] Sharing Audio with Video editor for intermittent editing?

I’ve recorded around 3 hours worth of audio on 6 parallel tracks in Cubase 10.5 Pro for a video project.
Now the audio is supposed to be delivered to the editor, who is going to cut the audio to the scenes that are being selected.
Afterwards, the project will be returned to me bc additional audio editing is required.

To prevent having to send all 6 audio tracks to the editor, I’m looking for a way to send just 1 track, have the editor cut to taste, after which I can hopefully relay which exact parts were used when importing these tracks back into Cubase.
I’m eyeing at broadcast WAV export, where the timecode should be embedded into the audio file. However, running some tests did not lead to the desired result. I’ve tried exporting as BWAV, importing into Premiere Pro, cutting and re-arranging some random parts, exporting back as (B)WAV. When I import this file back into cubase, I just get 1 audio event at the location of my cursor.

Does anybody know if this is even possible? Maybe using another method?

what you mean… not sure what your problem is

maybe you want to move the audio event to it’s timecode position?

HI Steffen,

I’ll try to clarify the problem and what I would like to achieve.

The main problem is that in case I let the video editor cut the original audio to the selected video scenes (in Adobe Premiere Pro) for just 1 of the 6 audio tracks, it will take a lot of work for me to figure out which exact part of a scene was selected for those scenes. I need to know this because after the video edit, I want to drag in the other 5 audio channels and start mixing and editing the audio. However, at this moment I don’t see a way how I can import the edited audio in a way that I can see the timecode of the selected parts. I’m hoping there’s a way to embed the timecode of the original Cubase project into the audio files, so I can later see what parts were selected.

Is Premiere compatible with OMF files?

Premiere Pro is compatible with OMF and AAF files. We did an AAF exchange today. It imports with errors, but so far nothing critical. Lets hope it stays that way :slight_smile: