Question: Slow Graphics Suggestions?

For -me-, Cubase 7.06 has some areas with very pokey graphics. Note: I don’t mean recording, playback, export, etc. I mean when you single-click on, say the VST Instruments there’s a noticeable delay… so much so that I was double-clicking for a good while to make things ‘happen’.

Sadly, C7.5 appears even worse in this regard. Things like the new ‘Instrument Rack’ take perhaps 1/2 second to open.

I am using the i7 built-in graphics… which until now seemed entirely satisfactory. Cubase runs on an SSD so that should be pretty quick too.

I’m wondering if anyone has experience with upgrading graphics cards. Would this help with these screen draws? I’m not going to add a noisy graphics card unless I am -sure- it will help. OTOH, this is the 1st time I’ve gotten really annoyed with the -speed- of Cubase. These delays get to be annoying after a while.

As I said, for all other purposes, my computer is -plenty- fast enough.



IMHO anything older than HD3000 (integrated graphics that came with Ivy Bridge CPU’s) is not really up to snuff. HD4000/4500 (Haswell CPU’s) is, of course, way better. Consider that the new nVidia cards are whisper-quiet, especially if you have a decent case with good insulation. Beats buying an entirely new computer.

Thanks. I’m -sorta- skeptical as I’ve seen issues like this with other programs and then it turns out it’s more a disk issue (or programming). I don’t really wanna spend $200 on a graphics card and find out that’s not the deal. I just never thought video would be an issue with Cubase.