QUESTION: Snap Note Lengths?

Is there a way to leave snap ‘on’ but not snap the -length-- of notes?

IOW: Snap not only seems to affect moving the start position- of notes, but also their length. I’d like to keep the former, but leave the latter free form.



I don’t know of a method to quantize only position but not length.

However, you could do one of the following:

  1. Toggle snap on and off when moving between moving positions and lengths (default key: j)
  2. Set the length to a very short value, like “1/128 triplet”, so it’s close enough to “not quantized”.

Yeah, I do that now… 40-50 times a day. :smiley:

Thanks fer tryin’, though


Im not by my comp right now bit i think you hold ctrl/command and that lets you drag it out as if snap is off, works in automation aswell

That’s the one :wink:.

You rock.

I knew it worked for automation… didn’t realise it worked the same for notes. Fantastic.