Question Steinberg: technical impact unlimited insert slots

disclaimer: I’m looking for a Steinberg point of view on unlimited insert and send slots.
I’m not interested in the debate if they are needed or not, as opinions differ. But I would really like to understand what the impact would be to Cubase performance and ergonomics.

Can someone from Steinberg please explain what the impact would be of unlimited insert/send slots to:

  • Cubase overall performance
  • Workflow and ergonomics
  • dependencies on other functions
  • backward compatibility

I would really like to understand why Steinberg did not yet add this functionallity and if this is easy or difficult to do.
A lot of people assume this is easy to do, but I would like to understand if this is really the case, or if things are better off to stay as they are, as it needs a total overhaul of the framework?

I’m asking this question because this feature request has survived many .0 and .5 upgrades in the past years.
Can someone from Steinberg please explain why? so we can put this topic to bed for once and for all?

Steinberg justifies this with the downward compatibility.
But I do not understand this. I do not need the downward compatability, I need more slots.
I hope this is still in an update before 9.5.

Absolutely agree - it’s ridiculous to have to create groups to generate extra inserts. At the moment, there are not 8 inserts but only 6 because 2 are post fader which is mostly useless to me. I’m not sure I’ll upgrade to 9 until this gets changed (sorry!).