[Question/Suggestion] Single horizontal/vertical playback.

Hello everyone!

Beside the traditional playback, Finale and Sibelius both had their idea, how to make listening to specific things easier. I loved both of them, and would appreciate to see one or both of them in a future Dorico-version.

Finale: Using Ctrl+Space and hovering over a place, plays all the notes active there. That’s just perfect to check your orchestrated chords for mistakes.
Sibelius: By selecting two or more objects in one or more staffs and pressing ‘P’, will play only the selected staffs. While you can achieve this in Dorico by muting or soloing instruments, it is a little bit messy to do so.
Besides this function does not seem to work perfectly. I set up a Vienna Ensemble, and muting the first instrument in a VE-instance, mutes every other instrument, too. Is this a known bug?

Thanks for your great work!

Re: your mute issue, make sure you’ve routed every instrument you have loaded into Vienna Ensemble to a separate output.

I agree that Finale-style “scrub playback” and being able to easily choose which instruments to hear based on the selection at the time of starting playback, like in Sibelius, are indeed excellent features, and I hope that both of these will eventually make their way into Dorico, though I cannot promise when it will be.