Question to Daniel Spreadbury

Hi Daniel,

Will we be able to have, in a future version, the possibility of opening and viewing several automation lines at the same time? And being able to make presets of our choice of controllers?

I am for example on a scale model of a string duo using the Sacconi Quartet from Spitfire audio, both the Idividual patches and the Times machines (to adjust the short articulations). I was very close to being able to do a first full version (before mixing) in Dorico (the dream!), But I had to come back to Cubase. It would be too difficult, for a complex, natural and precise rendering, to automate a single controller at a time, without an overview. It would be a huge step forward.

We are not far. More so, if we could open a set of rows for each instrument in a full view of all instruments (whereas Cubase, in keyboard edition, does not offer this multi-instrument view, unlike Pro Tools - yes yes, Pro Tools does this in one window), that would be great.

A lot of people have requested multiple automation lanes so I’m sure it’s on the radar for consideration at least. Presets sound a good idea to me as well. As to when, I’d be rather surprised if anything is yet finalised but I’ll let Daniel speak for himself in due course.

Thank you for that information. Hope.

Certainly these are the kinds of things we hope to add in future, including making the state of the various tracks and editors in Play mode properly persistent so that they will be correctly restored when reopening the project.

That’s great news. Long live Dorico!