question to people using JBridge in Cubase 6, 64bit


I’m using Cubase 6, 64bit and I still have quite some 32 bit plugins, some of which work well with Steinberg’s VST bridge but a few don’t.

I have purchased JBridge but haven’t installed it yet, since I have a few questions to users of the JBridge:

I have all of my plugins in one VST folder that contains both the 32 bit ones and the 64 bit ones, and I think this is where I will have a problem when installing JBridge.
I actually only want to use JBridge for the VSTs that do not work with the Steinberg bridge (right now this is only Sample Tank and some Crysonic Compressor and Limiter plugin’s). As I understood from J I will have to create bridging files, but those should be located in a different folder/directory than where my ‘normal’ VSTs are AND I should not tell Steinberg to scan both directories.

Has anybody had a similar problem? Do I have to re-install my plugins and create two separate VST folders (one for 32bit, and another for 64bit plugins)?

Thanks in advance,

I think it would be a good idea to have separate folders for 32 and 64 bit plugins. I think by default 64 bit ones are installed under Program Files/Steinberg/VSTPlugins and 32 bit ones under Program Files(x86)/Steinberg/VSTPlugins.

I have 3 folders. The above two plus an extra folder for JBridged VSTPlugins. This is where all my bridging files reside. Then just place shortcuts on your desktop for all 3 for easy access and point Cubase to see either all 3 of them, or if you JBridge all your 32 bit plugs then the 64 bit vst folder and JBridged vst folder will suffice.

thats what I did, I had a folder for non native plug-in’s, c:\program files(x86)\plugins and then created the folders in a different one in my c:\program files\plugins and used jbridge to bridge them over :smiley:

Thanks for your input, guys !

So, I guess I will have to re-install my plug-ins if I want to use jBridge (so I have the 32bit ones in a different VST folder than the 64bit ones).

Just Copy and paste should work fine for most.


Thanks !

I was told to never manually move a .dll file if it was placed into a certain folder buy an installer. I thought I can only do that when the plug in was installed by simply placing a .dll into the VST folder.

Best do that then.

Here’s what I did:
If a plugin is 64 bit I install it in Program files/Steinberg/VstPlugins.
If a plugin is 32bit I install it in Program files x86/Steinberg/VstPlugins

Cubase 64bit reads the 64 bit folder.
In addition to that I have created a folder named jBridged in Program files/Steinberg and have added it to the Vst plugin paths in Cubase 64.
Jbridge reads the 32 bit folder and places the dll’s in the jBridged folder.

This keeps it tidy and neat for me :wink:

It must be true then, that feeble minds think alike :wink: , I did the same thing and my jBridged plugins work fine :mrgreen:.

Thank you very much guys !
I appreciate your input and help.

Now I’m just in the dilemma of whether or not to go through a re-install of my plugins (I either need to re-install all the 32bit ones or all the 64 bit ones). That’s what I need to do if I want to organize my .dll files separately.
It’s mainly only 2 plugins that I am not happy with how they work with the Steinberg bitbridge, both of these announced the release a 64bit update soon, so I may just wait for that.