Question to Steiny bout EUCON


i am wondering whether Steinberg will ever publish an accurate Documentation for remote Controlling Cubase with Avid Artist series/Eucon.

Please? :slight_smile:

Cheers, Ernst

What sort of information are you looking for?

HI, I am looking for a comprehensive, complete documentation of all Functions of the Artist Series devices in conjunction with the Steinberg EUCON Adapter. Something comparable to to the MCU-Documentation that Steinberg provides.

There is Information spread across various documents, like the Manuals for the Artist Series devices and some EUCON documentation. But it is hard to see the total Picture. I experience here in the Forum that again and again some Information about the functionality is discovered by coincidence.

BR, Ernst

Hi… I see… Yes, the documentation is sporadic at best. There is a new thread on the forum relating to some Eucon tricks which is quite interesting and informative. I recently acquired a Mix and Control and have spent lots of time mucking around using the various disparate sources of information plus randomly pressing keys to see what happens. Not particularly scientific but lots of fun… I also opened up the cubase.xml file in the Eucon folder and found it interesting at least to the extent that it provides some insight into the object model. But yes, it would be great to have a comprehensive document.