Question to the Cubase Gurus

OK this is what I want to do. I have a track with half a bar I dont like too much, so I want to replace it with somthing else. I have a track I recorded previously with many takes of the section that I want to replace, so its not a case of if I have a new section to replace it with, I have loads of alternatives.

Now, the alternate takes are on a track with many lanes so I can just switch from lane to lane to find the best take and slide them back and forth to get them in time with the original track…easy…with me so far?

What I want to do is mute the section of the original track that needs replacing AND have that in reverse for my alternate take with many lanes so I only hear the section that matches the muted section in the original…EASY…so how is it done?

I followed up to here…
Open the comped track in the part editor and drag the original bit into the part. Process the audio original audio event that is now in the part to get the reverse effect. When it asks, let it create a new version.

so I only hear the section that matches the muted section in the original…

I couldn’t decipher this with my Cubase decoder ring.

All you need to do is slice the section in the original and mute it. Switch the track to Lanes and drag the other parts so they line up with the slice and audition one by one.

AH, you don’t want to move a reversed bit of the orginal into the new lanes. Sorry, that’s how I was reading it.

As MM says, you can slice the audio that is in lanes and mute out any bits you don’t want to play. Drag the edges so that they align with muted bit in the original. Very simple.

Thanks for the replies. The advice you give sounds reasonable until you try it, very very time consuming and fiddly.

After a bit of thought I found a simple solution. In the track automation of the original step the volume down in the section thats being replaced so it doesn’t play…then in the track containing the material being auditioned do the exact opposite to the volume automation THEN LOCK IT. You can now slide the audio back and forth, nudge it or whatever and only the section that lines up will be heard, you can even change lanes if you like.

If you dont lock the automation it will move position, as it normally maintains its position relative to the audio.