Question: Updating a Project Template?

Is there a way to -update- an existing Project Template?

I guess you can open the template CPR in LocalData/Apps/Roaming/Whatever. Is that safe to do?

I frequently will add a new colour to the pallete or want to change the standard VSTis or FX in a template.

To me, there should be an obvious ‘Edit Project Template’ button somewhere. Is there that I’m missing?



I just save over the existing template using the same name.

Yup I agree

Just save over the existing template

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Yeah, that’s what I’ve tried to do a few times… but it’s not what I want because by the time I’ve worked on a new ‘live’ CPR for a while, I’ll make changes that I do -not- want in the Template.

IOW: I want to be able to update the Template with just the new bits I -want-, not have to borrow from a ‘live’ CPR.

How do you open the Templates? Do you go to /local/roaming/whatever?

I have a .cpr that I keep in a project folder with the same name as the template. When I want to change the template I adjust that, check it opens the way I want the template to work then save as template. So if I have some changes based on a live .cpr, that .cpr will have started life as my default studio template. I just save over my template project .cpr, delete all the events in the tracks and any changes I don’t want I reset/remove, to get to the template structure I’m after, check and save over the old template once I’m happy. It’s a bit of a faff, but it works.

I was kinda hoping there was a way to open the Template directly… perhaps from Media Bay?

CTRL-O, iirc.

Hey, I literally just figured this out!

There are 2 different locations for template data - the default ones:

Program files/steinberg/Cubase 4/templates

Custom templates:

Search for ‘%appdata%’ in taskbar


Steinberg/Cubase 4_64/templates

You can just delete them from that folder and they will disappear from project setup templates!

Hope this helps!