[Question]-Using UR816C in standalone mode

Hello all,

I would like to use the internal DSP effects of my UR816C in the “DAW” channel of dspMixFx without going through Cubase.
Is this possible ? And how ?
Otherwise would a software update allow this?

(In French:
Bonjour à tous,
J’aimerais pouvoir utiliser les effets DSP internes de mon UR816C directement dans le canal “DAW” de dspMixFx et sans passer par Cubase. Est-ce possible ?
Si oui, comment ?
Si non est-ce qu’une mise à jour logicielle permettrait cette fonctionnalité ?)

Hi @RAY57 and welcome.
This is an English (and German) forum, other languages are not allowed.
I edited your post and its title.

Great thanks @Maestro for your translation and sorry for my mistake. :upside_down_face:

That’s not possible, there is no FX insert in the DAW channel. And using the URC standalone there is no signal on the DAW channel,

Thank you for your answer @ca-booter. Your reply is clear. :+1: