QUESTION: Visibility Configuration Solo?

I create a Visibility Configuration. Eg. ‘Drums And Bass’ which consists of all drum and bass tracks.

Is there a way to Solo these tracks on and off?

IOW: I’d like to be able to -see- only the drum and bass tracks and then have a toggle which solos/un-solos the tracks in that Visibility Configuration.

I had hoped this would be possible in Project Logical Editor but I don’t see a way to select the tracks in the currently active Visibility Configuration.

Can do?




No, there is not this kind of parameter (something like “is part of Visibility Configuration XY”) in the PLE.

I could imagine a Macro:

  • Select Visibility Configuration X
  • Solo all visible tracks
  • Select Visibility Configuration Y (the original one).

This could work.

Or you can make a dedicated “flag” to the track name, and then use the PLE to Solo only tracks with this flag in the name.


Where you wrote…

‘Solo all visible tracks’

Is that currently possible? If so. how?




Sorry, there isn’t. My fault.

So you need one more step in the Macro:

  • Select Visibility Configuration X
  • Select all tracks
  • Solo all tracks
  • Select Visibility Configuration Y (the original one)

Thanks. Is there a key command for ‘Select All Tracks’… ie. in the Visibility Configuration drop down where it basically cancels any selected Visibility Config. and really shows -all- tracks? I think what I need to complete this is this: (the missing piece is step #4)

  • Select Visibility Configuration X
  • Select all tracks
  • Solo all tracks
  • Select All Tracks (cancel Visibility Config X)
  • Solo Defeat



To Select all (currently visible) tracks use another PLE:

Media Type is > All Types

- nothing -


It becomes very nice Macro. :wink:

First of all, THANKS to Martin for your help.

That said, this brings up yet another beef I have with PLE (and LE and Macros). It’s a TOTAL schwanzstucker tease. It gets one 95% of the way there, but NEVER really delivers the goods.

There are all these little ‘gotchas’ that you can never work around simply because the Macro or the PLE doesn’t have the one thing you need to make the resultant macro truly -useful-.

So in most cases, it’s best to simply beg/hope/pray for a command ‘Solo Visible Tracks’… which is the solution I -really- want. (sigh).

I am SO sick of screwing with macros and LE presets for ages only to have my heart broken. Why… after 15 years… can’t they just make a PROPER job of it, fer chrissakes?

I agree, and 95% is a very generous number.
PLE is limited. What we really need is a scripting environment like Reaper’s (saying this is probably going to cost me another board warning).
Exposing more functionality to PLE would also be welcome, but a proper API would be ideal.

There are a lot of developers, including myself, that would be more than happy to share their little tools and scripts with the community. This would allow us, the users, to customize our workflow exactly the way we want it, while Steinberg could focus on the more low-level stuff like the audio engine, VST…

Oh well…