Question - VST Live also affected by "Performance issues" on Intel® Core™ 12th gen?

Since several people have stability issues in VST live, this topic popped into my mind:

I assume VST live is also affected by this?

Basically, yes. Every realtime-critical application such as DAWs will probably suffer from this. VST Live is no exception.
But it’s a matter of try and error. Stability should not be affected as much as performance though.

Thanks. The VST live crashes that happened to me, were often due switching fast between VST views/parts with many have VST’s. I will probably experiment a bit to see if I can reproduce things.

Hi @TobiasV,

can you please check your folder
Do you see any VST Live crash logs? Can you share them with us?


Hi @Spork
Attached you can find some crashdumps.
The ones of today are related to the global part. I use the global part to merge the midi of my Native instruments Komplete Kontrol s88 with my nektar pacer. The WoW was also explained here: Would like to have an "all midi devices" option on layers as MIDI input (3.7 MB)

Hi @TobiasV,

the old crash logs (1.1.52) are already fixed. The other logs not. Could you please give me your project file (*.vlprj)? I want to analyse your MIDI routing. “merge”, “global” … can you give me some hints what you are you doing exactly.

Thank you,

I will create a separate topic for these midi bug(s)