Question: What Do The 'Power' Switches Do? Panner, Etc.

Can’t figure it out. There seem to be teensy circle icons that light up or dim in various places (like the panner) but not sure if/what they actually -do-?

In the case of the panner, does it turn the panning ‘off’. Or bypass? Or -what-? I honestly can’t hear a difference sometimes.

Same with the Send Panners and a couple other places I can’t think of now.



Yes this is rather confusing, but as with many things regarding C7, I’m reserving judgement until the new build is complete. We’ve been rather put to task because C7 is a rebuilding of the GUI and they (perhaps to get the jump on other vendors, need for capital, or pressure from Yamaha, for whatever reason) pushed C7 out the door before it was finished. We’ve still yet to see the new project/arrange window which as I understand is quite different to the existing one. I am pretty sure that a number of incongruities as well as the avoidance regarding some issues are directly related to this situation.
Regarding the original theme here, it may be that currently both disable and off have to be supported - eventually one will win out over the other - we’ll see.

This is explained in detail in the operation manual, look for “bypass panorama”. If activated, mono channels are panned to the middle, while stereo channels get panned hard left/right.

Yes but currently you can both bypass as well as turn off!
(In my previous post I erroneously referred to bypass as disable.)

Thanks. So… how do you get it do switch from L | R to the ‘angles’? (Where you can swing the pan like a clock face.)

@SB: I -never- would’ve figured this out. Just try searching for ‘Pan’ in the PDF.