QUESTION: What's the bright red triangle on the ruler?

Turns into a hand cursor when you mouse over it. No tooltip. You can move it like a marker. What’s it’s purpose?

Punch point.

The Deuces You Say! :smiley:


Note to SB… A tooltip on the triangle would be a good idea.

Note to SB… Man, I just tried the new HTML help for the first time… Back to the drawing board guys. I was -so- hopeful because I’ve -railed- so hard against the PDF for the terrible search problems. But the HTML is, if anything, worse. There has -gotta- be a way… I’d be willing to pay a few Reichsthalers… for a NATURAL LANGUAGE SEARCH INDEX (also known as a HUMAN CREATED INDEX). It’s just too hard to find things sometimes.

Well, there’s an obscure internet company that has tried their hand at one.

Right but…

  1. Without the tooltip (thanks again)… I was clueless as to where to begin.

  2. As to the broader point. Even the almighty Goog can’t help you IF one is so thick as to not know the keywords to be searching for. I know you and I (or perhaps others) have butted heads on this more than once, but I just -hate- the documentation for not being properly indexed with lots and lots of juicy synonyms that lead neophytes to learn the proper lingo. Things like warp tabs, hitpoints, musical modes and so on used to change with every version and I stopped -caring- about what was what. Now? Stuff like ‘Punch Points’? Out of sight, out of mind. I need -all- the mnemonic devices I can get.