Question with steinburg-UR22

Hey guys,

I purchased a USB Steinburg UR-22 for my interface. As of right now I have the line-output going to my krk 6s but I have a question about sound quality. I noticed that the sound is not effected by my sound card, and the sound goes directly through steinburg. This gives me no control over an equalizer and the sound seems flat because of no sound card usage. Is there a way to use my monitors with this interface through my sound card? Or perhaps a way to have more control over audio/eq through the steinburg? This raises my attention because I’m not sure if the built in steinburg sound is even good. If anyone could give me feedback please let me know. I was thinking maybe I have to route my soundcard audio to go out through the interface? I’m new to setting this up so I’m looking for a solution.



You can be sure the ‘steinberg sound is good’. The UR22 is designed for music production, which is why it has no features to shape the sound. That would mean you’re not actually hearing what you’re making!
If you’re using Cubase you can of course just pop an equalizer on your master bus if you’re so inclined.
For usage in windows, you can use the equalizer most media players have built in. If you also want to use an equalizer for youtube videos, games etc, then you’ll need to either install some third party software or hardware EQ or patch your soundcard through the UR22 as you said.
None of these are common practice though for music production studios (with the exception of hardware EQ perhaps). To make your mixes transfer best across different sound systems, working with an uncoloured, flat sound is quite important.